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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Article in JAMA (Brook I. Rediscovering my voice. JAMA.2009; 302; 236.)

The article I wrote that describes regaining my speech was published in JAMA in the section: A Piece of My Mind.

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  1. Dr. Brook,

    I was pleased to read your article about laryngectomees. I underwent the same procedure four months ago. I agree with you that,though we may have trouble speaking,we can still communicate. Our voices may not be the same but our thoughts are.

  2. Dear Dr. Brook,

    I want to thank you for the article I just read in ADVANCE for Speech-Language Pathologists & Audiologists. Your thorough descriptions of the situations in which you find yourself and your personal experiences brought tears to my eyes. You enhance my awareness of my extreme gratitude for my voice and my ability to express myself, to do therapy speaking effortlessly and resonantly with my clients, to sing. These are gifts which I have become even more grateful for, thanks to your devotion and attention to your writing.

    I thought as I read your words how I often tend to become impatient when writing and hurry to summarize my thoughts and ideas. Your desire to communicate your experiences and feelings, and perhaps your earlier abilities and tendencies as well, has helped you to give the gift of understanding and awareness to those who read your work.

    Thank you, Dr. Brook.

    Allison J. Edwards, MS, CCC-SLP
    Speech-Languaege Pathologist
    TheraSynthesis, LLC
    Colorado Springs, CO