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Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Publication of the "Laryngectomee Guide for COVID-19 Pandemic" in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Romanian, Bosnian, Turkish, and Japanese.

The "Laryngectomee Guide for COVID-19 pandemic” is available in English, Spanish, Portuguese,  Italian, Romanian, Bosnian, Turkish, Malaysian, and Japanese.

The corona (COVID-19) pandemic presents many medical, social and psychological challenges for laryngectomees and their medical providers. The Laryngectomee Guide for COVID -19 provides information for laryngectomee and neck breathers how to cope with the COVID -19 pandemic. It contains information how to prevent the infection and deal with depression, social isolation, fibrosis, lymphedema, mucous problems, and voice prosthesis leak. It provides suggestions how to deal with esophageal dilation, hospitalization, and keep fit and eat well.

The Guide in English is available as eBook (free) at  https://bit.ly/3hZHynb , and paperback at: https://amzn.to/3i5XncR   through Amazon.com and https://bit.ly/3glrlJf through Lulu publishing. 

The Guide in Spanish is available as eBook (free) at https://bit.ly/3bFgPeb and paperback at https://bit.ly/32djqIW  

The Guide in Portuguese is available as eBook (free) at https://bit.ly/3eFcYPN and paperback at https://bit.ly/3pklpVJ  
The Guide is available from Associação Portuguesa de Terapeutas da Fala (APTF) (Portuguese Speech Therapists Association), SPORL- CCP, and Library of the Otorhinolaryngology Foundation.

The Guide in Italian is available as eBook (free) at https://bit.ly/2RfdrgE and paperback at 

The Guide in Romanian is available as eBook (free) at https://bit.ly/3nfGSgO and paperback at https://bit.ly/3a7kWAS   

The Guide in Bosnian is available as eBook (free) at https://bit.ly/2TzfKfG and paperback at https://bit.ly/3p2Mf4e  and  https://publish.sweek.com/books/244071/    

The Guide in Turkish is available as eBook (free) at https://bit.ly/2RHYIeg and paperback at 

The Guide in Malaysian is included in The Laryngectomee Guide Malaysian Edition.  It is available as Paperback http://bit.ly/3n4fK3m  , eBook http://bit.ly/2X29Rcu 

The Guide in Japanese is available as eBook (free) https://bit.ly/3j94Don  , and paperback at: https://bit.ly/3jd85yf    
The eBook is also available from the Japanese Laryngectomee Association.

Guide in English

Guide in Spanish

Guide in Portuguese 

Guide in Italian 

Guide in Turkish

Guide in Romanian 

Guide in Bosnian

Guide in Japanese

The Head and Neck Alliance offers links for Laryngectomee Guide and Laryngectomee Guide for COVID-19 pandemic.

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